Fireball Witnessed Over UK 3rd March 2012

Fireball Witnessed Over UK 3rd March 2012

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  • Daniel says:

    Only just found this site, I seen it in Liverpool and I got a picture of it too.

  • Jim says:

    Saw this when I was in my garden observing Jupiter. 9.45 ish, in a clear sky from Warwick. Very clearly a large orange ball, trailing bits of flame. At first I assumed it was a chinese lantern moving with the wind and disintegrating as it had caught fire. Ran round the house but it had disappeared. Thought nothing of it until BBC ran a story saying it was visible in Scotland… I was looking for somewhere to post this – adds to someone’s records now. The wind and weather were from another direction… so I was puzzled. I have observed many meteors, but the colours were very different from the whites/greens/blues/yellows. And it moved so very slowly.

  • Tariq says:

    I saw it on top of a hill in Bradford, it went right overhead, it seemed slow motion but it must have been at least 7 seconds. Bright with yellow, red and green flames streaking. Amazing.

    • Ali Adams says:


      How high was it roughly? Is it possible that it can be seen in two places say 200 miles apart at the same time?

      The timings people give in various parts of Scotland and England suggest it is either very high or there were more than one meteor or space junk piercing the skies.

      Allah knows best.

      Please check out these 31 events from surat Ar-Rahmaan at

      Peace to all.

      • Tariq says:

        It was shortly before 10pm, it did not look high, it went right over my head, then past a house rooftop behind me, it looked large & I think it was several hundred feet high.

        • Ali Adams says:

          Thank you for the detailed info.
          God bless us all with the Arrival soon in sha Allah

          God > infinity

  • Liz says:

    On Saturday 3 March 2012 I was sitting in my home at Bellshill, North Lanarkshire and saw the meteor passing from the window. I got up quickly to check what I had just seen – and it had gone. I wasn’t sure what it was so thought I’d ‘ask jeeves’ and found this site.

  • Ali Adams says:

    I reckon it is related to the 31 events to strike Earth thoughout 2012.
    Check for the prime numbers evidence.
    God > infinity

  • Craig says:

    what a sight this was, i was in ellesmere port and i looked up into the nightsky and seen this and told my friends who then also witnessed this. it seemed to last forever then dissapered into the clouds. truly amazing…..

  • Lee says:

    Sat night heading up to Kingussie at about 9.40 saw a ball of light come over hill at drumochtra pass, it was traveling fast with a red cone shape to its rear.
    It only lasted for about 7 seconds before it went over the hill on east side of road,I expected it to hit the hill it looked that close.

  • Natalie says:

    Was in Potter Heigham, Norfolk visiting relatives when my son and I were walking to where we were staying at around 9.30 pm and saw the meteor – could see it was like something on fire – then it went behind a cloud and disappeared. What a great thing to see.

  • sally says:

    me and my husband were sat outside mac donalds in chirk nr wrexham n wales at approx 9.30pm,it was the size of a bike wheel like a fireball with blue green smoke following,seemed to be travelling fast but in slow motion,no higher than 25 ft!!!how amazing!!!!!

  • ANDY KNOWLES says:

    My son Chris also witnessed the meteor at 10:30 pm in the outskits North of Aberdeen , cant believe I haven’t heard where it landed does anyone know as my son reckons it went towards the north sea

  • david l says:

    We saw this over the central Peak District near Bakewell at 9.41 on Saturday.
    Coming from the north it was a bright Spherical light, much bigger than the largest star. As it passed over us we could see multiple orange tails with white sparks streaming out behind it, and thought it was a satellite crashing. As it went away from us towards the south, it had a single orange tail with white sparks coming from it. All in all it was very impressive, and we are very glad that we were lucky enough to see it.

  • Jenny says:

    I saw the Meteor in Stoke-On-Trent about 09.45ish
    I was in the car looking up at the night sky, which I often do wherever I am as I love Astronomy.
    My boyfriend was getting a car park token at the time and It flew above his head and he didnt even notice which I found funny. Feel so lucky to have seen it and will always remember it.

    • Ian Wilkinson says:

      I am too in Stoke on Trent and was having a ciggy at the back door. I saw this enter the night sky and it was like a sparkler. Sparks comming off of it at all angles, then it travelled across the night sky, slowly loosing some of it’s sparkle and fading into a what I would call a normal shooting star.

  • Sammi says:

    I saw it too! It was some time after 9:PM in Liverpool, I thought its an aircraft on fire because it was flying kind of slow! I was driving at the time I couldn’t film it.

  • Claire says:

    Was out Saturday night and i looked up to see a meteorite. Didnt have a clue to what it was but then realised. it was amazing as i have never seen anything like it before. was going over banchory and was heading south. so cool!

  • Lyle Murray says:

    Hi there I saw the meteorite on Sat night, it was heading north thought it was a airplane on fire was really worried. All my family thought I was seeing things until they saw the reports on the news on Sunday. Really pleased I saw it. I live in Hawick in Scottish Borders.

  • Gregor says:

    Four of us witnessed this in South Lanarkshire, near Beattock Summit. Fantastic sight. Around 21:40 hrs. Travelling North to South and it appeared to be low from our viewpoint.

  • Jessicaa says:

    I saw this last night in Walsall. At first my mom saw it so we stood in the window watching it and trying to figure out what it could be until we saw on the news this morning that it was infac a meteor 🙂

  • Suzanne Daly says:

    We were driving back from my Uncle’s in Waterloo, Liverpool last night. At approx 9.45 pm my daughter said to look out of her window. We saw a very bright light with fire coming from behind, we followed it with our eyes then it seemed to burn itself out. It was only when we got home, my daughter said it was on Sky News about a possible meteor sighting across Uk skies. What an amazing sight to witness.

  • AndyA says:

    Driving back from Whitley Bay on 03/04 March 2012 approx 00:15am, stopped at traffic lights and witnessed a Meteorite traveling North to South in the eastly sky, meteorite had a long tail and nose broke up and disintergrated before disappearing, excellent sight but unfortunately my camera was in the back of the car so unable to get a picture.

  • Walker says:

    Metiorite seen at our home in Halifax, West Yorkshire, I was looking out of our window while watching a late film and saw the amazing fireball heading downward over the horizon, fantastic, thought at first it was a shooting star, then saw the news on the Sunday morning and realised what I had actually witnessed, fabulous….

  • Rick Hughes says:

    I witnessed it in Ewloe, N Wales, saw a huge
    firework type, but way too high to be a firework
    & too fast to be an aeroplane!
    Wondered what it was & saw on the news that
    it was a meteor..

    Excellent view from my living room window

  • Mark Lee says:

    Live in Drumoak, Near Banchory, West of Aberdeen. Great view of the meteor. Looking directly south the meteor looked like a green teardrop with a yellowy centre and bright white tail falling directly downwards however as it skimmed the atmosphere it then looked to pass out of the atmosphere again. You could make out what was a black sphere the size of a pellet going by the eye from the distance with a orange crescent below for a split second. roughly 10 minutes later a huge BOOM was heard scaring the pheasants and wildlife around the farm. GREAT SIGHT and we get a roughly 2 sightings of a similar ilke annually.

  • Clive B says:

    I saw a large fireball in the sky on 3rd march 2012 also, over Downham Market in Norfolk but not at 9.41pm but much later at 20 minutes past midnight. Did anyone else witness this? I was driving north on the A10 and right in front of me to the north a huge fireball came down over 3 or 4 seconds.

    • Linda says:

      Clive, I seen that one too, but can only find a couple of more people on the net that seen it. I looked at the time and it was around 12:15am, I’d had the dog in the garden for a tinkle. Although you say it was North of where you are, up here in the North East it came down straight to the East of me and looked as though it broke up just above the sea as it burnt up and broke into pieces. I was so pleased I had seen it, but soon turned into disappointment when I looked on the internet and found the biggie one that I’d missed earlier on in the evening.

  • Colin says:

    We saw this to the south of us at 9.41pm last night (3rd March). We are in Broughty Ferry, to the east of Dundee, and saw the huge ball of white flame with a tail moving quite slowly from the north-east to the south-west where it seemed to burn out. I also saw reddish orange bits appear to fall off it. It must have been huge as it looked to us to be about one third the size you would normally see the moon.

  • KEVIN says:

    hey guys,,i seen it or one of them last night in Ballingry FIFE… Thought at first it was a firework as it was very very low but changed my mind as it was going in a straight line,even more so as my eye followed it until i lost it over the horizon,,truly amazing!!!!

    • Derek says:

      Hey Kevin, I saw what you saw on Saturday around 2145 in dalgety bay, I ran from my back garden and followed it down my street! Although the media claims this sighting to be a meteor, I am struggling to understand how a falling piece of rock can move across the sky at such speed without losing altitude? Also I cant recall seeing a long white tale, just an orange trianglier glow from behind the unexplained object. It was very very low. I watched it dissapier into the distance towards edinburgh. Truly amazing expierence that will stay with me for life am sure.

  • Mark Pinder says:

    Further to my last post, having read some of the news reports, I don’t now think it was a hoax, although I’m pretty sure that it did burn up to extinction over the links at Whitley Bay, which your film seems to show. If that was the case, then it suggests there were more than one of them?? Very strange.

  • Mark Pinder says:

    I witnessed this too at Whitley Bay where this footage was shot from. I assumed it just a distress flare as it came in quite slowly from the sea and from the north, was yellow and burned up over the links, maybe half a mile away which would make it difficult for it to appear in South Wales as the news has been reporting. I suspect this is some kind of nationally co-ordinated hoax. The manifestation at N Tyneside happened at a very densely attended visual art event so was bound to be spotted by someone which would be ideal for a hoaxer

    • benny lux says:

      not a nationally co-ordianted hoax. fireballs and meteors originate from streams of material left behind by disintegrating comets.

      it is far more likely for several to be seen than just 1.

      we (the earth)just hit ‘a lumpy patch’ in the material stream, with several large objects burning up in spectacular fashion in the atmosphere.

  • David says:

    Nice capture. I saw this at Whitley Bay, it was spectacular!

  • iain says:

    meteor my arse
    haarp illusion done with satelittes and light beams

  • SQL says:

    We live near Birmingham Airport in the UK and around 7:15pm last night while in the car we saw a bright flare light in the sky. We thought it maybe a flare but it lasted to long. It went out near by so maybe in someone garden there. Very please we have saw this WOW!

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