Meteor Map

Map Updates Every 10 Minutes

How To Tweet for The Meteor Map

Tweet your hashtag, location (in brackets), number of meteors seen in any order you wish including anything else you would like to have in your tweet.

Make sure your location is in brackets e.g (London) This will help the map position your observations.

Hashtags that will work with the map include: #meteorwatch, #perseids, #meteors and #meteorshower. Hashtags will be added or changed for different events.

Here are some examples of valid tweets:

  • (Oxford UK) #meteorwatch 1 Saw my first meteor!
  • (London) #perseids 3 Would see more if there was less light pollution.
  • Saw 10 #meteors in (Houston Texas)
  • (Mexico City) #meteorshower 4
  • (Sydney Australia) saw 2 #meteors
  • (Paris France) #perseids 8 Vu quelques étoiles filantes
  • On holiday in (Florence Italy) and saw 32 #meteorwatch Fantastico!
  • (Newbury) #meteors 4 A bit cloudy :(
  • (Ibiza) #meteorwatch 30 Watching the meteor shower while on holiday :)
  • (Timbuktu) #meteorwatch 15

You can put whatever you want in your tweet in any order as long as you include your location (in brackets) hashtag and optionally number of meteors seen. If you don't specify how many meteors seen (The system searches the tweet for a number) it defaults to 1

For your own safety and security, please do not give your precise address or location. Your approximate location e.g. Town, village or suburb is accurate enough for the map.

The Meteor Map is a fun way of sharing your meteorwatch experiences and observations. No information is permanently stored by the map or as the map only reads information from twitter.