Night Sky Guide November 2016

November 2016

Your guide to constellations, deep-sky objects, planets, and events. Tonight’s Sky, highlights of the November Sky.

Evening Planets

After sunset, look for bright Venus shining low in the southwest. Dimmer Saturn accompanies Venus for the first few days of the month. Use a telescope to get a better view before the planets sink below the horizon. Reddish Mars appears high in the southwest as the sky darkens. Try to spot details on the planet with a telescope.

Constellations and Deep-Sky Objects

Some fish, a ram, and a triangle can all be found in the November night sky. Pisces, in ancient mythology, are twin fish tied together. They represent two Greek gods fleeing fire. Look for the circlets of stars high in the southern sky. Just to the east of Pisces lies Aries, the golden ram of the Greek gods. It is a dim constellation. Pisces and Aries are in the zodiac, the band of sky through which the Sun appears to travel. Triangulum, a simple geometric constellation, has been identified since ancient times. Look for it next to the Ram and the Fish. The lovely Triangulum Galaxy resides here. It belongs to the same cluster of galaxies that includes our own Milky Way. Also known as M33, the galaxy is about 3 million light-years distant. It can be seen in a dark sky with binoculars.

Morning Planets

Jupiter shines in the southeastern sky before dawn. Get a good view of the giant planet’s cloud bands through the sights of a telescope.


November boasts the Leonid meteor shower. This shower is the result of Earth’s annual passage through the dust trails left by Comet Tempel-Tuttle, which returns to the inner solar system every 33 years. Look for meteors on the evening of November 17th and early morning of November 18th. Unfortunately, bright moonlight will make it difficult to see fainter Leonid meteors this year. The night sky is always a celestial showcase. Explore its wonders from your own backyard – Credit

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