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Comets and Asteroids LIVE

Comets and Asteroids LIVE

In an introduction to a new series of shows, join Slooh’s Paul Cox to observe comets and asteroids.  We’ll watch real-time images of these intriguing and potentially deadly objects direct from Slooh’s Canary Islands observatory.

Asteroid DA14 2012 Viewing Guide

Asteroid DA14 2012 Viewing Guide

Video Credit: Astronomy Now

Watch Asteroid DA14 2012 pass very close to Earth (34000 km) within the orbit of our very own geostationary and TV satellites.

The object poses no threat to Earth and will pass us by on the evening of the 15th February 2013 and will be visible from the UK and most of Europe from roughly 20:00 GMT if there are clear skies.

Unfortunately the asteroid is very faint and not a naked eye object, but is visible in Binoculars or a small telescope. Please see the excellent video guide  above  by Astronomy Now

Asteroid Earth



Apophis Asteroid – Live Broadcast as it Passes Earth

Slooh Space Camera to Track near-Earth Asteroid Apophis as it Passes by Earth

 Please visit Slooh.com for live images of the asteroid, if the video is on a loop

Credit: Slooh.com    Apophis, Named after an ancient Egyptian mythological demon, is a near-Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of almost three football fields (270m), will make its close approach to Earth this week. Slooh Space Camera will cover its near-approach on Wednesday, January 9th, with several live shows on Slooh.com, free to the public, starting at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST / 00:00 UTC (1/10) – International times here: http://goo.gl/ud5UL – accompanied by real-time discussions with Slooh President, Patrick Paolucci, Slooh Outreach Coordinator and Engineer, Paul Cox, and Documentary Filmmaker, Duncan Copp. Viewers can watch live on their PC or IOS/Android mobile device. (more…)

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