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Morningstar Venus – Bright Wonder of Winter Morning Skies

Venus and Mercury Credit: Szabolcs Nagy from the VirtualAstro Flickr group

Morningstar Venus – This Winters Brilliant Morning Object

Morningstar Venus: If you’re up early before sunrise this winter, you will notice the unmissable Morningstar Venus. Venus will be shining brightly in the eastern sky before the sun rises. It will also be visible for a short time after sunrise due to being so bright!

Venus became the “Morningstar” early in November and will become more and more spectacular. Read on to find out more.


November 2018 Night Sky Guide – Whats Up In The Sky This November

November, 2018, Night Sky

November 2018 Night Sky Guide.

November Night Sky 2018 – November is a fantastic month for stargazing. The autumn equinox has passed so we now have long and dark night skies. The first month of winter and as a result, cold crisp and clear evenings. When it isn’t cloudy of course!

There are some fantastic sights to see in Novembers night sky. So read on and lets see what you can see…


September Night Sky Guide

September Night Sky

Tonight’s Sky: September 2015

Your guide to constellations, deep-sky objects, planets and events, Tonight’s Sky, Highlights of the September Sky (more…)

Saturns Rings and Planets in May – How to See Them

The Ringed planet Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in May 2014

Saturn Credit: NASA

Saturn Credit: NASA

Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be visible in night skies this month with tiny Mercury toward the end of May. We are in for a real treat as four of the best planets to see will be on show.  Venus shines bright in the mornings just before sunrise. (more…)

Mars Enters the Beehive

Mars Enters the Beehive

Join Slooh’s Paul Cox to watch real-time images of the Red Planet Mars as it enters the Beehive Star Cluster.  This beautiful visual spectacle is an optical illusion as the Beehive Cluster is actually 577 light years away.

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