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Geminid Meteor Shower 2021 – Most Reliable This Year

Geminid Meteor Shower Eye Of the Needle Credit: David Kingham Photography - @davidkingham

Geminid Meteor Shower Eye Of the Needle Credit: David Kingham Photography – @davidkingham

Geminid Meteor Shower 2021

The Geminid meteor shower is the most reliable and prolific meteor shower of the year.

This year, the Moon will be present on the evening of the Geminids peak drowning out the fainter ones with its light. but you will still see the brighter meteors.

The Geminids are well known for having plenty to see with the brighter meteors/ fireballs being spectacular!  Read on to find out when, how, and more. (more…)

December 2018 Night Sky Guide

December 2018, December Night Sky, Night Sky

December 2018 Night Sky Guide

December 2018 Night Sky – December is a fantastic month for stargazing, especially in 2018. The nights are long and dark. With darkness falling late afternoon/ early evening and sunrise later in the mornings. December has cold dark nights heralding fantastically clear night skies. As long as the clouds stay away and the skies are clear!

There are some fantastic sights to see in December 2018’s night sky. So read on and lets see what you can see…


December Night Sky Guide

December Night Sky

Tonight’s Sky: December 2014

Your guide to constellations, deep-sky objects, planets and events, Tonight’s Sky, Highlights of the December Sky (more…)

Geminid Meteor Shower 2013

Geminid Meteor Shower 2013

The Geminid meteor shower 2013 is the grand finale of astronomical events this year and is the most reliable and prolific of the annual meteor showers.
This year there will be a bright Moon when the Geminids are at their peak on the evening of the 13th/ 14th of December, but most of the brighter meteors should be bright enough to be seen. (more…)

Geminid Meteorwatch Trailer

Geminid Meteorwatch Trailer

The Geminid Meteor Shower peaks on the night of December 13 and 14 and is one of the most anticipated and reliable meteor showers of the year.

Under good observing conditions, up to 100 or more meteors can be seen per hour. For information on how to spot the meteors please see How to Observe Meteors. (more…)

Geminid Meteorwatch 2011

Credit: Wally Pacholka

It’s the finale of this year’s meteor showers: The Geminids will start appearing on Dec. 7 and should reach peak activity around the 13th and 14th. This shower could put on a display of up to 100+ meteors (shooting stars) per hour under good viewing conditions.

However, conditions this year are not ideal with the presence of a waning gibbous Moon (which will be up from mid-evening until morning). But seeing meteors every few minutes is quite possible. Geminid meteors are often slow and bright with persistent coloured trails which can linger for a while after the meteor has burned up.

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