January 2019 Night Sky Guide – What’s Up In January

January 2019 is upon us and first of all, I would like to wish you Happy New Year!

Did you get a telescope or binoculars for Christmas? Maybe an astronomy book or new camera? January 2019 is perfect for getting started. You can certainly count on long dark nights and crisp starry skies. As long it stays clear.

January 2019 is a fantastic month for stargazing. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned stargazer. There is something for all.

Read on to find out even more about the night Sky in January 2019.


Beginners Guide to Seeing the International Space Station (ISS)

International Space Station

Long Exposure Image of ISS pass. Credit: VirtualAstro

Beginners Guide to Seeing the International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station (ISS) is a huge space station orbiting Earth that serves as an orbital laboratory, factory, testing ground and home; Crew members conduct experiments from biology to astronomy. Including experiments for prolonged exposure to life in space for future missions to the Moon and beyond.

The ISS is major accomplishment for NASA (US), ESA (Europe), JAXA (Japan) CSA (Canada) and all the countries involved (16 in all). The space station is just over 72 m long by 108 m wide and 20 m high. Maintained at an orbital altitude  between 330 km (205 mi) and 410 km (255 mi). It travels at an average speed of 27,724 kilometres (17,227 mi) per hour. Completing 15.7 orbits per day.

How to Look for The International Space Station (ISS)

One of the best things about the ISS is that you can see it with your own eyes from Earth! Therefore, it’s very easy to watch the International Space Station pass over your own backyard! (more…)

ISS Live Video of Earth from Space

ISS Live Video – International Space Station (ISS) Broadcasts Live Video Of Earth From Space

Live streaming video by Ustream

  • Black Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side of the Earth.
  • Gray Image = Switching between cameras, or communications with the ISS is not available.
  • No Audio = Normal. There is no audio on purpose. Add your own soundtrack. (more…)

December 2018 Night Sky Guide

December 2018, December Night Sky, Night Sky

December 2018 Night Sky Guide

December 2018 Night Sky – December is a fantastic month for stargazing, especially in 2018. The nights are long and dark. With darkness falling late afternoon/ early evening and sunrise later in the mornings. December has cold dark nights heralding fantastically clear night skies. As long as the clouds stay away and the skies are clear!

There are some fantastic sights to see in December 2018’s night sky. So read on and lets see what you can see…


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