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Apophis Asteroid – Live Broadcast as it Passes Earth

Apophis Asteroid – Live Broadcast as it Passes Earth

Slooh Space Camera to Track near-Earth Asteroid Apophis as it Passes by Earth

 Please visit Slooh.com for live images of the asteroid, if the video is on a loop

Credit: Slooh.com    Apophis, Named after an ancient Egyptian mythological demon, is a near-Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of almost three football fields (270m), will make its close approach to Earth this week. Slooh Space Camera will cover its near-approach on Wednesday, January 9th, with several live shows on Slooh.com, free to the public, starting at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST / 00:00 UTC (1/10) – International times here: http://goo.gl/ud5UL – accompanied by real-time discussions with Slooh President, Patrick Paolucci, Slooh Outreach Coordinator and Engineer, Paul Cox, and Documentary Filmmaker, Duncan Copp. Viewers can watch live on their PC or IOS/Android mobile device. (more…)

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