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Morningstar Venus – Bright Wonder of Winter Morning Skies

Venus and Mercury Credit: Szabolcs Nagy from the VirtualAstro Flickr group

Morningstar Venus – This Winters Brilliant Morning Object

Morningstar Venus: If you’re up early before sunrise this winter, you will notice the unmissable Morningstar Venus. Venus will be shining brightly in the eastern sky before the sun rises. It will also be visible for a short time after sunrise due to being so bright!

Venus became the “Morningstar” early in November and will become more and more spectacular. Read on to find out more.


Venus, Jupiter and the Crescent Moon Conjunction 26th February 2012

Tonight, just after sunset, Venus, Jupiter and a thin crescent Moon will line up and form a close thin triangle in the evening sky.

If you have clear skies, this spectacle will almost be impossible to miss after the Sun has set.

See the below diagram for positions of  the crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter – They will be an awesome sight!

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